BlueFit & Massage
  1. Massage Therapy
    Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Points, Hot Stones, Chair and Sport Massages
    BlueFit & Massage offers orthopedic massages, customized with mixed techniques to meet whatever need you have in various increments: 60 min $80 90 min $120 Hot Stones: 60 min $100 90 min $150
  2. Spinal Reflex Therapy
    Spinal Reflex Therapy (SRT) Treatment
    SRT is a pressure point therapy and the only treatment system to address most prevalent cause of nerve, muscle and skeletal pain and dysfunction. It reduces abnormal reflexes reaction quick and safe and provides profound reduction in symptoms. SRT reduces or eliminates both acute and chronic pain. It increases freedom of movement and maximize physical performance- strength and agility. Free your body to a healthy life! BlueFit & Massage offers an SRT treatment for $80.
  3. Training
    Personal Training and Small Group Training
    BlueFit & Massage offers free consultation and postural screening! Personal Training and/or couple training in various increments: 30min $40 60min $60 Also, Marta can be found training at Brambleton OneLife Fitness Club.
  4. Packages
    Massage Therapy and Training
    Pay in full for 5 massages and get 1 FREE Pay in full for 5 trainings and get 1 FREE 30min training + 30min sport massage = $80